Inspiring the next generation TO LEARN VIOLIN

As a teacher spanning across the North Shore and South Sydney Vov Dylan finds delight in discovering ways to pass this passion to new students. His aim is to help them embrace their musical voice as they learn to play the violin and enjoy this wondrous instrument.





With studios in Bexley (South Sydney) and Thornleigh (North Sydney) Vov Dylan is creating a new standard of violin lessons, with a focus on a holistic approach to music. His approach includes creating a team of professional teachers at the school who help guide the individual students, based on their needs and potential. Gently and supportingly nurturing them through their journey to learn violin, the teachers help students to understand each step in the process.



Catering for:
  • Beginner to Advanced students
  • International students
  • A.M.E.B. and A.B.R.S.M. Exam preparation
  • HSC Music Performance preparation
  • Music Scholarship audition preparation
  • Eisteddfod preparation
  • Skype / Internet lessons
  • Professionals who wish to revise some techniques
  • Students who are learning for fun.
  • Adult students
  • Students with special needs
Added Academy lessons include:
  • Piano rehearsals
  • Aural and General Knowledge lessons
  • Musicianship and Theory (for A.M.E.B. , A.B.R.S.M. , School and HSC, and University)
  • Jazz and Improvisation workshops
  • Lessons in World Music
  • Composition for Violin
  • Stage craft
  • Masterclasses from visiting teachers
  • Mock exam preparation with examiners





  • In-School Orchestral Conductor & String Ensemble co-ordinator
  • Teacher training for advanced students.
  • Professional performance opportunities (both Nationally and Internationally)


All this is just the start. Take on your passion and goals with our violin school’s North Shore and South Sydney studios. It’s time to envision exciting pathways.


For current students, please use this portal to login to see your timetable, repertoire and access your practice log:




Approaches to performance, and teaching the Violin are continually evolving. Technology in music is by far the most important recent development for teaching and performing on the Violin, giving greater and easier access to mindsets and techniques from across the globe.  As a result a holistic approach to learning is now much more achievable.


Vov Dylan and his and the wider academy community deliver techniques as violin teachers through a revolunised mindset. With  the ability to embrace several schools of thought, students can access an all-round experience as they progress through their learnings. Combining all of these methods into our violin lessons means students across South Sydney and the North Shore can focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of the instrument, all equipped with the necessary tools to play both professionally or leisurely.


Playing this iconic instrument should be considered a part of your lifestyle – unlock new forms of thinking and schools of thought that have allowed for the history of the instrument to shift significantly and positively.


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For more information on our violin lessons or the school’s offering,  please contact the office via: 


Vov also provides violin lessons in the below areas and their surrounding suburbs:

Bexley, Thornleigh, Rockdale, Hurstville, Hornsby, St George, Pennant Hills, Miranda and surrounding suburbs