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Introducing Vov Dylan, an Australian violinist whose artistry has allowed him to perform for audiences globally. With numerous accolades to his name, Vov's musical journey has been marked by chart-topping success, international tours, and celebrated collaborations. His albums have soared to the top of the ARIA Classical and Classical Crossover charts, solidifying his status as one of Australia's more celebrated and versatile musicians.

Vov Dylan's performances transport listeners to a world where classical, contemporary, world music, and jazz coalesce, showcasing his versatility and passion for musical exploration. From soul-stirring melodies to virtuosic interpretations, Vov's performances evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions, leaving a lasting impression on all who have attended his concerts.

Beyond the stage, Vov Dylan is proud to be associated with the charity "Keys of Change" and its director, Panos Karan. Through this charity, Vov has been able to help bring music education to communities in need around the globe. Most notably was Vov’s involvement in the creation of the Accra Youth Sinfonietta (Ghana) – the first youth orchestra of its kind in Ghana.

With Vov Dylan, every performance is an invitation to embark on a journey. His live shows incorporate storytelling, allowing audiences to not only understand the inspirations behind the music but also to feel relaxed and immersed in its world. Through his collaborations, Vov has given world premier performances of works by esteemed composers Elena Kats-Chernin, Margaret Brandman, and Ann Carr-Boyd, showcasing his role as a champion of contemporary Australian classical music.

Join Vov Dylan on a musical journey as he collaborates with some of Australia’s most renown musicians, taking audiences on a nostalgic exploration of cherished melodies. Witness the magic as Vov's live performances weave a captivating tapestry of sound and narrative, inviting you to breathe alongside the music and find a space where enjoyment, laughter, trivia and of course good music all intertwine.

From his chart-topping albums to his international touring and philanthropic efforts, Vov Dylan has established himself as a unique musician, an advocate for music education, and a storyteller who connects with audiences. 



In 1981 Wodzislaw Dylan Elsley was born to a Polish mother and an Australian father (guess which side won the naming rights!)

Wodzislaw was blessed to be born into a musical family where his father Evan Elsley is a celebrated Violinist and teacher, and Pianists Fred and Beryl Elsley as Grandparents.

From day one of Wodzislaw’s life, he was obsessed by the Violin…….only stopping crying when he heard the sound, and as soon as he was able, he would copy his fathers actions while playing the Violin.

Recognising this passion, Wodzislaw’s grandfather Fred made a custom tiny Violin for the toddler where he began to explore making sounds the way a toddler learns to speak……by the ripe age of 21 months he had made his first appearance Violin in hand in a newspaper alongside his grandfather who accompanied on the Piano.

From here, without realising it at the time, a pathway was opening up.

During primary school years Wodzislaw had his name trimmed down bit by bit to Vov (largely because no teacher or fellow student could pronounce the multi-syllabic name)…….but while his name got shorter, his practice became longer.

Soon he was performing in local classical music society concerts and achieved his first AMEB exam – doing a Grade 7 whilst in year 4 at school.

During these years, Vov was showing his desire to be able to more with the Violin and to create collaborations with others who play. While in year 5 at Bexley North Primary School he formed the schools very first string orchestra – a institution which was then taken over by the teachers after Vov’s departure and is still in operation today.

During Secondary school, Vov was a recipient of a music scholarship to Newington College, one of Sydney’s prestigious GPS where he represented the school as a soloist, a member of the various orchestras both inside and out of school grounds and again in the desire to keep pushing boundaries of what could be possible for him, he became the first student to conduct the schools flagship Symphony Orchestra.

By the conclusion of secondary school, Vov had amassed an enormous array of experience in the world of music, he had his performance diploma’s from the AMEB and he was ready to enter the world as a young adult.



On leaving school, Vov took both a traditional and unique path at the same time. First priority was making some money for independence……. Very soon after finishing his last HSC exam, Vov was in employment at his first music school in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire where he began to employ all the lessons he would hear his dad Evan teaching every day at his home.

While starting to teach, Vov also went to Sydney University with the goal of trying everything else that he might prefer to do than music. Through the time at Uni, Vov quickly gravitated towards performance studies, and history of film, culture and movement. Learning about the broader world that helped to inspire the music that has been written, and how to approach that music with the respect of the different performative backgrounds.

While all this study took place, Vov was gaining more and more teaching and performing employment.

New Years Eve of 2000 was the fateful night that Vov decided “this is the life for me” where he did 3 gigs on the one night and was paid in cash and bottles of Bollinger champagne……. This date also makes it really easy for Vov to celebrate the anniversary of his becoming a professional musician!

From this time, Vov was focused on what he needed to do to become a successful Violinist.

But – what was Vov going to do that was unique to the other Violinists? He always knew that being part of the machine of the Orchestra, while musically wonderful, would never be the right fit for his personality… he began to explore what he now calls “good music from every genre”

Every style of music has ‘standards’ whether it be from specific classical styles to jazz, gypsy, various nationalities (Italian, French, Chinese, Scottish, etc….) to then rock, pop, disco, film and ofcourse the ever growing market of new music.

Vov began to memorise music from all of these genres. He wanted to be able to play 3 hours of continual music from any genre you could think of, where he aimed to learn the music not only by piece title, but also by lyric, and to learn it in every key imaginable.

This song knowledge made Vov bookable in any scenario from upfront concert musician to background serenading musician to corporate events, shopping centres weddings, and any occasion you can think of that would require music.

He had become a musician who played ‘by request’.


In doing all this music and being ready for any style of request, there was one genre that spoke to Vov more than any, and that was the salon style with a particular leaning towards the Viennese waltz.

But before he could do anything with this music, he had to approach changing his name. In various attempts to perform on stage he realised that the surname ‘Elsley’ didn’t flow off the tongue nicely, plus Vov was at times getting confused in bookings with his still very active father Evan. So to avoid confusion and to have a more impact stage name, Vov adopted his middle name of Dylan as his surname for professional purposes.

Vov’s first venture in becoming a ‘leading, headline’ Violinist was in the creation of “The Vov Dylan Viennese Orchestra” where it was a group of 3-10 musicians who performed specialty arrangements of the great waltzes, polkas and salon standards from late 19th to early 20th century society parties.

This kicked off at first by doing a Seniors High Tea at the St Ives Shopping Village (starting a series of events that would continue for more than 10 years!) and then was followed quickly by creating specialty dinner show and dance events at venues like Lachlan’s Old Government House and various clubs and society balls in Sydney.

Through these events, Vov started to collaborate musically with performers from the best orchestras in Australia and it was here that Vov first met Pianist Glenn Amer (who would become a long term collaborator and musical partner). He also began to work with some of Australia’s great luminary of stage and screen including Toni Lamond, Lorrae Desmond and Enzo Toppano. 

It was the collaboration with Enzo Toppano that led to a deep musical friendship and professional guidance where Enzo recognised what Vov was doing, but made a very simple suggestion – “make sure you give something for the audience to sing-a-long to”………

And suddenly Vov had the pieces of the puzzle of how he wanted to present himself on stage…..


Vov started to realise he had a formula of entertaining which had a broader appeal than he initially thought….


  1. Good music, from any era.
  2. Performed by good musicians (never compromise on the quality of the performers you stand alongside)
  3. Mixed with humour and stories from the music
  4. Presented in a relaxed fashion to allow audiences to be part of the presentation, to sing and dance along 

This meant that Vov could mix Strauss with Queen, Elvis with Irish, Ballads with Gypsy all into one show, allowing for an eclectic audience to al have something to enjoy, and possibly allow them to experience other music that was previously not on their radar.

One of Vov’s favourite comments after these shows was “I never thought I would like the Violin, but now I love it!!”

Through a series of shows in Australian Clubs that started to stretch into Theatres, Vov created a unique show formula in Australia that no one else at the time was doing.

Today, when you see Vov Dylan doing a variety show in theatres and on cabaret stages, he is still following this formula – but – with an ever changing and adapting program to suit the audiences, and the times.