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Australia's Musical Canvas

Contemporary Violin and Piano Expressions

A series of performance, recording and educational programs featuring new Australian Classical music for Violin and Piano.



Australian Violinist Vov Dylan has been a performing and recording artist for over two decades with multiple national and international tours and albums released. He has also been a instrumental and ensemble teacher inside both the public and private school sectors for both primary and secondary sectors. 

In his role as teacher of senior high school students undergoing core HSC Australian music components Vov noticed a space of music composition and performance that was under-represented…….Short pieces that demonstrate the wealth of musical tapestry Australia has to offer that are also relatable to by the general public whilst also being technically sufficient to warrant inclusion in not only student performance arenas but also for professionals to represent Australian music to a global audience.

This realisation started a project to combine the following:

  • Research recently composed Australian works that had limited performance or recordings made of them – preferably works that have never been recorded before.
  • Reach out to Australian composers to offer works they had written that would be suitable.
  • Commission new works specifically to fulfill this space.

Along the way other requirements became:

  • Length of piece to be under 5 minutes to suit HSC and Eisteddfod requirements.
  • To find an array of works to suit students of multiple stage abilities from AMEB Grade 5 standard up to professional standard.

The above led to a substantial body of nearly 40 works by composers such as Elena Kats-Chernin, Margaret Brandman, Stuart Greenbaum, John Martin, Ann Carr-Boyd and Ross Edwards.




This project featuring a collection of music by Elena Kats-Chernin was the first project to be released in July 2022 at the Sydney Opera House. The album went on to become No.1 on the ARIA Classical and Crossover charts as well as the AIR independent charts for nearly two months. This album also went on to become the highest selling Australian Classical release of 2022.

Performed by Vov Dylan and Clemens Leske, this program has also toured to the Melbourne Recital Centre and a few regional theatres in NSW.

The album of this work was also the first of its kind to be recorded and released in Native DSD/DXD ( a high definition format ) and the first representation of Australian Classical Contemporary Music to listeners in this format through Europe and America

Soon to be added to the KISMET release is:

Video Concert – recorded at the Melbourne Recital Centre it is a full live performance of the program alongside an interview with Elena Kats-Chernin introducing the works alongside giving inspirational stories to the creative process. Due for release early 2024.

Sheet Music – Through Elena’s publishing company, the sheet music as recorded (alongside performance suggestions from Vov and Clemens) will be released in early 2024.


Due for release in mid 2024

A collection of works by composers Ann Carr-Boyd, Elena Kats-Chernin, Stuart Greenbaum, Ross Edwards, Margaret Brandman and John Martin.

The album features Vov Dylan (Violin) collaborating with Pianists John Martin, Margaret Brandman and Clemens Leske to bring a body of works which truly encompasses the multi-layered tapestry that is contemporary Australian classical music. 



The second stage of releasing these works is in performing them to as wide an audience as possible.

The selection of this music means that it is relatable to audiences who are both Classical Music lovers but also for those who are new to the experience. The combination of being for predominantly 2 performers allows these works to be easily tourable through main city centres as well as regional hubs and internationally.

The first program of KISMET is currently booked for performances in 2023 and 2024 and the new programs of Embroidered Colours and La Vida Apasionada are due for release in 2024 with a debut at the Sydney Opera House.


One of the core ideas in all of this music collation was to find music that would have music educational benefits and tie-ins.

The entirety of this collection is useful for this purpose where:

  • Every piece suits multiple performance requirements of students.
  • Every piece is recently written to tie into core HSC music requirements

This is further supported by

  • Sheet music of the collection being available for study -alongside performance notes from the initial performers.
  • Masterclasses are available for any wishing to participate.

Core participants are also able to add further benefit where:

Dr Margaret Brandman has drawn upon her multiple publications to create a workshop to allow students to not only engage in the music and collaborate with the performers and composer but how to also engage with the techniques of composition to aid in their own compositions for the other core HSC music components.

Vov Dylan has broadened the ensemble component of the suite La Vida Apasionada to include workshops in ensemble technique. These workshops are geared towards not only musical techniques but also how to build community and trust through music. Vov has been a member of the charity Keys Of Change and was sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Ghana to help create the first Youth Sinfonietta in Accra filled with students in the foster and orphan homes. Combining this with his ensemble training skills in Sydney and his one on one masterclasses, Vov is able to bring a wealth of experience and inspiration to students.

Clemens Leske is one of Australia’s most celebrated classical pianists and is also head Piano Teacher at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His experience in Masterclasses is beyond compare.

John Martin is a respected Soloist, Accompanist and Composer. With a career covering classical to cocktail and all in between. John has been instrumental in helping to encourage many new performers into the world of music.


With the recording process nearly completed for all projects, the primary goal is to generate performance and workshop opportunities for all the projects.

This is broken into two overall parts – works for Violin and Piano, and La Vida Apasionada.

The works for Violin and Piano in both Kismet and Embroidered Colours is has enormous nationwide capital and regional centre touring potential both as a feature concert presentation, part of festivals and as performance masterclasses for students.

The collection is also a representation of some of Australia’s most beloved contemporary composers and would be suitable for presentation to a international touring market.


To enquire about any element of this exciting program from performances engagements to inclusion in school programs please feel free to reach out to us at any time.