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Vov Dylan violin academy online

2020 and the Corona Virus has changed the nature of teaching music for the immediate future.

Nonetheless, the need for lessons continues and the Vov Dylan Violin Academy has adapted to the continually changing climate.

The online academy is operating for both current students and also as a short term aid for students from other teachers who might not be able to offer online options. 


Temporary teacher and student support

During this time, there are many teachers across the globe who either can't for have yet been able to transition to online lessons.

As a Violin Teacher proficient in multiple Exam Syllabi and expectations, I am able to act as a temporary teacher during this time - working in co-ordination with your main teacher until they are able to be online, or return to face-to-face lessons.

theory / music analysis / general knowledge preparation

All of the above skills still need developing during this time.

The Vov Dylan Violin Academy employs teachers to help with this.

Our courses are developed by Dr Steve Watson and supported with online teaching materials and are also conducted via Zoom and Skype.

These courses are designed to help gain the extra requirements of your practical exams that are beyond the technical element of playing your instrument.

Overall - your Violin Lessons and Exam / Performance preparation can continue during this period. If you have any queries please feel free to make contact at any time via :