Virtuoso Of Violin



VOV DYLAN, “The World’s Fastest Violinist”, Australia’s Andre Rieu, and the Prince of Romance presents to Australian audiences his whole new production show “Virtuoso Of Violin”


Combining Classics, with Gypsy, Country and Western, Show Tunes and all infused with humour, and toe tapping fun!


Music includes:Can Can, Barber of Seville, Duelling Banjos, Godfather Theme, Flight of The Bumble Bee, Devil Went Down To Georgia, Dark Eyes and many many more!


What do you get – Line-Up?

7 Piece Orchestra (Piano Bass Guitar Drums and 3 front line)

This can grow to a

11 piece Orchestra including a lavish String Quartet


Each outing will have an additional guest entertainer to do a 20 – 40 minute spot.



Choice of:  90 minutes / 2 x 45 minutes / 2 x 1hour segments.