The World's Fastest Violinist




The story before Vov became involved.......


"Flight Of The Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov has been a 'party piece' for instrumental performers ever since it was written. It became a staple of the concert stage, where many virtuosi performed this work as a 'show stopping encore' - where many performers and audience members liked to see who could go faster........ typically with speeds around 1 minute and 20 seconds........but it was never an official competition..........


This changed in 2007, Violin Virtuoso David Garrett performed "Flight Of The Bumblebee" for the Guinness Book of Records TV show - setting a record of performing the piece in 1 minute and 7 seconds. This performance of David's created an international sense of competition, where Violinists from across the globe took part in dropping the speed, and increasing the 'notes per second' of this famous work.


The Record was taken by performers on traditional instruments as well as electric Violins where in 2011 Violinist Ben Lee set a record of 58.51 seconds on a Electric Violin and then Iranian Violinist Yara Bahonar set an acoustic Violin record of 44.24 seconds at the end of 2013.


It is at this time that Vov Dylan became involved.


Vov's first attempt.......


In July 2013, Vov was performing at Top Ryde Shopping Centre to provide 'inspirational music' while chefs from the local TAFE made the "World's Widest Cake". Officiating the making was Helen and John Taylor from TABOR (The Australian Book Of Records).


During the function, Vov asked "What is the process of going for the record of "World's Fastest Violinist"?" To which the replied: "If you go fast, you get it, if you don't, you don't! - but - there are rules!



  1. The performance needs to be recorded
  2. The performance needs to be verified by independent music experts - not known by me.
  3. The performance needs to include the entire piece
  4. The performance needs to still be recognisable as being The Flight Of The Bumblebee.


Helen and John asked Vov on this occasion, do you want to do it now? At the on the spot moment, Vov and TABOR were unaware of the Ben Lee record, and thought it was sitting at 1 minute and 4 seconds. Vov performed The Flight Of The Bumblebee in the off the cuff moment at 58 seconds.


On investigation and discovery of Ben Lee's record, this performance at 58 seconds gave Vov the title of "Australia's Fastest Violinist".


Vov's second attempt at the record.......


After missing out on the record by a few seconds, and doing the performance without any prior practice, Vov decided to make a proper attempt at the record.


January 26 2014, Vov was performing at Lizottes in Dee Why NSW, with the launch of a new String Quintet show, that was also being broadcast live on Northern Beaches Radio. Vov decided to invite TABOR to come to this performance to officiate a new record attempt - this time Vov was going to prepare for it - and it would be a great publicity stunt to gain a world record on Australia Day Weekend - and it brings 'sports to the arts'......


Practicing in the build up to this attempt, Vov was comfortably hitting times of around 52 seconds. But then approx 6 days before the live broadcast of his attempt, there was a world wide announcement from Iran that Yara Bahonar had created a new world record at 44 seconds!!!


Vov, with the assistance of caffeine and his wife on stop watch spent the next few days constantly practicing with the view to only getting to speed!


Come the day of the performance, Vov managed to create a new world record at 38.01 seconds!!!






Gaining the title WORLD'S FASTEST VIOLINIST has been a phenomenal door opener for Vov, where venues and press had a marketing 'hook'. 


Vov is now on frequent international tour being billed as "The World's Fastest Violinist" using the title to help intrigue new audience members to coming to see 'the spectacle' but always aiming to have those audiences walk away having enjoyed a show that is all about the delights of the Violin.....


When listening to Vov's performances of Flight of The Bumblebee - don't expect to hear musical brilliance - rather expect to hear as Vov jokes on stage "a fart blowing in the wind" - (Bob Dylan joke).


Since 2014 no one has taken the record off Vov, and to the best of Vov's knowledge, there has only been one attempt. Guiness Book of Records now believes that it is impossible to go faster while still maintaining musical recognisability, and as such have removed the category for further contention (until someone can prove otherwise).


Vov proudly holds on to this title, and enjoys telling the story and in performing this piece - he sometimes on stage even breaks his record - if the audience gives him enough encouragement!!


So If you are intrigued by the spectacle, or the tongue in cheek fun of being "The World's Fastest Violinist", come to a Vov Dylan show - if you want to hear the Violin sing, and see Vov's absolute love of the instrument and take you on a journey from classical to contemporary musical delights, then also come to a Vov Dylan show!!