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The Music Of Cole Porter Without Words

As heard on Radio 2CH with Bob Rogers, ArtSound FM with Bill Stephens, Radio 6PR with Jon Lewis, West Bremer Radio DAB 1197 with Damien Lee, Radio 2RRR with Natalie de Silver, Radio INNER 96.5 with Kevin Trask, Radio Casey with Leigh Drew, Radio 3RPP on Sugar and Spice





Introducing "The Music Of Cole Porter Without Words," an exquisite album by Vov Dylan and Glenn Amer that invites you on a timeless musical journey. In this intimate recording, the delicate interplay of violin and piano brings forth a wide range of Cole Porter's beloved tunes, from the highly recognizable "Night and Day" and "Begin the Beguine" to soulful treasures like "In The Still Of The Night" and "So In Love." With meticulous arrangements that honor the original keys, chordal structure, and melodies, each track preserves the essence of Porter's timeless compositions.


Recorded and released during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, this album stands as a testament to the enduring power of music and the unwavering dedication of Vov Dylan and Glenn Amer. Despite the obstacles, their collaboration blossomed, resulting in a remarkable collection of heartfelt performances. The recordings capture an intimate atmosphere, enveloping the listener in a space where every musical nuance is felt, as if sitting between the piano and violin.


"The Music Of Cole Porter Without Words" has been recognized for its artistry and impact, earning the distinguished title of Album of the Week on Native DSD/DXD. This accolade further highlights the exceptional talent and profound connection found within the album. Inspired by its success, Vov Dylan and Glenn Amer have embarked on a series of dedicated musical performances, bringing the magic of Cole Porter's music to life on stage.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Vov Dylan and Glenn Amer as they honor the timeless melodies of Cole Porter. Experience the authentic sound, nostalgic charm, and heartfelt interpretations that define "The Music Of Cole Porter Without Words." Let the music transport you to an era of elegance, charm, and musical brilliance, as Vov and Glenn continue to captivate audiences with their extraordinary artistry and unwavering dedication to Porter's musical legacy.



The music of Cole Porter has been loved by generations across the globe. He was one of the rare composers who wrote both melody and lyrics, and as such you often hear his compositions with these two components married together. As an instrumentalist, I have always adored the melodies and the harmonies that Cole Porter wrote. This album is a celebration of some of those melodies - without the words.


Every track has been arranged based on the original structure, progressions and musical intent - with a few alterations to suit the playing style of both Glenn Amer and Vov Dylan.


Recorded at Underwood Studios in Sydney’s Blue Mountains the audio experience for the listener is meant to be an intimate one, as if you were popping a bottle of champagne and having Glenn and myself in your living room and serenading you with these melodies.


  • Vov Dylan - Solo Violin
  • Glenn Amer - Piano
  • Cole Porter - Composer
  • Craig Fields / Underwood Studios - Recording Mixing Mastering
  • Ian Phillips - Artwork




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