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Expanding from providing solely Violin Lessons, Vov Dylan has created a new Violin Academy which is designed to give students access to:


  • Regular Piano Rehearsals (to improve ensemble skills)
  • Theory and Musicianship lessons (to improves the understanding of the music being performed, as well as ensuring the ability to gain performance / practical exam certificates)
  • Deep General knowledge lessons (to enlighten as to the enormous scope and history of music and how the pieces you are playing relate to the history of the world, and to how life is today)
  • Specialist masterclasses in varied topics including Stage Craft, period instrument stylings, composition, Jazz and world music to name a few. 


Many of these services are normally left in the domain of the parent to find extra teachers to support the instrumental learning program of their child. 


In creating the Academy, Vov is employing a team of professional and dedicated music educators who are all in regular contact with each other about the learning and study progress of each student. Once you enter this program each student will have 3 - 4 dedicated teachers ensuring the progress monitoring your ongoing learning program.


Entry into this extended program is for students studying grade 4 AMEB / ABRSM and above or by special invitation.


Running predominantly by school term, there will also be school holiday programs in addition to the creation on 2020 of string ensembles of students in a similar age and level.


This program and extra lesson schedule is only available to Violin students learning with Vov Dylan.