The World's Fastest Violinist

Nominated Australian Instrumental Entertainer Of The Year 2016 2017 and 2018!



About Vov


Australian Violinist VOV DYLAN is one of Australia’s leading Instrumental Entertainment Artists.


Nominated for Australian Instrumental Entertainer of the Year in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Vov is equally at home on the Concert Stage as well as the Cabaret and Variety Stage. Able to boast countless sold out concerts in Theatres across Australia including a headlining sold out concert at the Sydney Opera House in February 2020!


He has released 12 studio albums which have been represented by Fanfare Classics and have global physical and digital distribution.







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This is the first album released by Vov and Glenn that is available in Native DSD / DXD: for purchase information please click here.


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Lastest Album




The music of Cole Porter has been loved by generations across the globe. He was one of the rare composers who wrote both melody and lyrics, and as such you often hear his compositions with these two components married together. As an instrumentalist, I have always adored the melodies and the harmonies that Cole Porter wrote. This album is a celebration of some of those melodies - without the words.


Every track has been arranged based on the original structure, progressions and musical intent - with a few alterations to suit the playing style of both Glenn Amer and Vov Dylan.


Recorded at Underwood Studios in Sydney’s Blue Mountains the audio experience for the listener is meant to be an intimate one, as if you were popping a bottle of champagne and having Glenn and myself in your living room and serenading you with these melodies.




Mischievous, charismatic, bubbling with energy all in a short concert. I was on the edge of my seat and constantly surprised by your engaging performance.
Vov Dylan turned out to be a young, extraordinarily talented Violinist, whose ability, personality and stage presence is a match for Andre Rieu....

Vov Dylan was born to be a violinist. His very soul yearns for the feel of the bow in hand, delicately crafting the friction of strings into a melodic masterpiece.

If YOU love the different styles of music which can be produced on a violin – whether it be the smooth sounds of Andre Rieu or the red-hot country licks of Charlie Daniels – you will enjoy listening to the world’s fastest violinist, Vov Dylan - the World’s Fastest Violinist!!

The sellout artist continues to set a standard that fellow Violinists struggle to match.

Violinist extraordinaire!