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What ages of students do you teach?I currently teach a wide age range of students. My youngest is 5 and my oldest is 80.
What is the right age for my son/daughter to start learning the Violin?I generally advise starting anytime after they have started at Kindergarten. It is at this time when the student has minimum 20 minutes of concentration plus some strength for individual finger movement.
My Son/daughter hasn't started school yet, and I would like them to start having some music lessons. What do you advise?There are many Local music schools which offer music courses to children who haven't started school yet. These courses are focused on developing a sense of rhythm, and pitch, while also teaching children to have a fun early interaction with music. This is usually an advantage to the child and the teacher for when they start private music lessons.
What levels of students do you teach?I have experience teaching all levels of students in many styles of Violin playing. My students have been successful Exam candidates, are members of school and youth orchestras and are regularly encouraged to perform.
What role should the parents take in the lessons and in practice?I encourage parents to sit in on lessons so that they can take an active role in helping their child practice. The Violin is a complex instrument with many intricate details, especially relating to posture. It is of enormous benefit to the student to be able to have a parent help them during their practice, in order to help secure a strong elementary technique.
I don't know how to read music, is this something you can help with?To gain a basic understanding of reading music takes between 2 weeks to a month of effort at 10 minutes a day. Reading music is a core part of early lessons, and I will absolutely take you through this.
We want to start lessons, what do we need?

If you are a beginner, you will need:
- A Violin
- A copy of either "A Tune A Day - Book 1 for Violin" or "Abracadabra Violin Book 1"
- A Blank manuscript book

If you have learnt before, bring your Violin, and the most recent pieces and exercises you have been working on.

Where do we get a Violin from?

If you contact me, I can put you in touch with some of the most competitively priced dealers in Sydney. Currently some of the Chinese imports represent excellent value for money.


I also have an ability to source some Violins directly from China. If you wish to purchase these, please feel free to discuss it with me.

Do you have any advice for when we go to purchase a Violin?

- Take whomever the student is going to be with you. It is important to get the right size of Violin.

- Make sure that the Violin has been 'set-up'. Many Violins which have not been 'set up', come at a cheaper price. However, in order to then have them properly set-up, you will usually find that the overall initial expense is greater.

- I regularly visit the places which I recommend. If we co-ordinate our timetables, I can assist you in your decision making and purchasing process.

Do you offer a mobile service?No. I have two studios in Sydney, and a network of teachers which I can recommend in other areas.
What are your payment terms/processes?I accept payment via cash, transfer or credit/debit card.

Payments can be made either weekly or at the commencement of each month for the lessons of the month.
What is your lesson cancellation policy?As with any service, please give as much notice as possible. In cases of illness etc, please do cancel the lesson rather than attending as not only do students not absorb as much from the lesson, but attendance also risks passing the germs to another student (or the teacher).

Generally speaking I do not charge a cancellation fee unless the student is a 'serial last minute canceller' in which case I will have a discussion first before implementing a cancellation policy with that student.
Your studios are too far away for me, do you have any teachers you can recommend, or do you have any recommendations when looking for a teacher?There are other teachers I can recommend yes for some areas. If i personally do not know a teacher or what their capabilities are, then I will not recommend blindly.

As far as what to look for in a teacher, look at qualifications (diploma, degree) experience -not only as a performer, but as a teacher i.e. schools they have taught at, exams and levels they have submitted students for.

Also the studio you learn in should be open with at least one window where parents or passers by can easily see in, plus the teacher should have a "Working with Children" certificate.

Also listen to the teacher play. The Violin is an instrument that can take you on a fantastic journey of sound - if you enjoy the sound the teacher makes, then this is a good start, if however the sound the teacher makes is not enjoyable, I would personally recommend looking elsewhere.