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Many students and their families wish to pursue exams throughout the course of their studies.

Vov Dylan supports and submits students for A.M.E.B, A.B.R.S.M and Trinity exams.


Vov approaches the question of 'which examination method?' by which is going to be best suited for the student, and often has students travelling through multiple systems at the same time, especially at a higher level of study.


Please note that while supporting these exams, neither is designed to be a 'teaching method'. In the approach of different levels, Vov employs a rich and varied selection of music from multiple genres.


Vov's approach to exams is that they are there to support the student, and the teaching process, accordingly, Vov does not submit students every exam, nor to an exam every year, rather, exams are selected for when the student is going to be ready, and able to achieve.


Information for International students:


Vov is fluent in many international exam methods and their requirements. If travelling to Australia and wanting a continuation of lessons for a short time, Vov can help.


If participating in Skype lessons with Vov, he will also submit you for exams internationally.





During 2020 and 2021 many students across the globe had their exam preparations interrupted, and in some cases suspended.


At the Vov Dylan Violin Academy, we are proud that there was no interruption during this time.


The main studio was approved for face to face exams with the AMEB and we had multiple sessions over this time.


We also had Video exams submitted with a live accompanist and professional videography.


This was for students of all levels from beginner through to diploma.




Vov's exam preparation is a holistic one where he:

  • Employs an accompanist on multiple occasions throughout the year (rather than just before an exam) - hence allowing students to develop ensemble skills. This is further added to by having an array of different accompanists on rotation, allowing students to learn to work with different influences, and to then have a choice of their 'best fit' accompanist when going into performances.
  • Has an examiner asses students regularly and to conduct 'mok' exams to prepare students for what is required in the exam room.
  • Employs specialist Theory and Singing teachers to aid with General Knowledge and Aural Tests.

All added teachers are a combination of in demand Professionals, University Academics and Examiners.



For current students, please use this portal to login to see your timetable, repertoire and access your practice log: