covid-19 wedding music


The Wedding Industry (along with nearly every other industry) is struggling to find any stability or strength to make plans with an ever changing climate, and set of rules.


Here in NSW the regulations seem to change too frequently, overnight, and without any warnings.


Vov Dylan and his musicians have put together a series of options based upon the allowable activities at this time.


The consistent word from the government is that numbers are limited, people that attend must socially distance and that there must be do singing or dancing - it seems that the fictional world of Footloose has come upon us!


These guidelines mean that:

  • you need to have limited people in the venue - including staff / entertainers
  • Bands and DJ's need to remove a dance bracket
  • Bands need to change their lineup to not include singers / singing
  • Dancefloors will be sitting empty


Please note the above is not a comprehensive list - but a list which we can offer a current plan to address.


A acoustic ensemble is a perfect solution for all the above.


  • An acoustic Trio or Quartet will be ample to project to the current limited 150 guests
  • These groups can be danced to - but are not a dance band - so they will not lead to having guests 'itching' to have a dance.
  • Due to no cables , speakers etc they can be positioned on the dance floor in such a way that makes a feature (and not draw attention to an empty dance floor)
  • Instrumental ensembles by their nature do not have vocalists - so there will be no singing from the booked group.


You may ask - but I really wanted to hear this song - will I still hear all my requests........? Vov Dylan will ensure that all your musical requests are met and if there is a piece that is not currently in the library, Vov will learn the piece and arrange it for the musicians at no extra charge.


Further to the above measures, Vov Dylan has a Covid Safe practice which includes:

  • the use of music stands to help social distancing
  • the bringing of all our own equipment
  • at hand access to sanitisers and disinfectant wipes to ensure to wipe down any contact that we or guests may have had with chairs / stands etc
  • Every performer booked has the COVID safe app on their phone
  • Every performer booked has had the latest flu shot and we can present certificates if necessary (this has been a provision put in place for working with the elderly in aged care facilities)


Lastly - Vov Dylan has a replacement plan for every member of the group - where if a performer wakes on the morning of a wedding / function and is feeling in any way unwell, they will notify Vov straight away, and a 'standby' player will be put in their place.


If the unimaginable was to happen and you must change your wedding date after making a booking, Vov will work with you in every reasonable way possible to transfer the music to your new date.


For any further information please email Vov and the team: