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Beyond The Danube


Envisage if you will the curtains open and on stage is a lush Viennese Orchestra of between 7 and 30 members, Opera Singers, Ballroom Dancers, all dressed in Glamorous Evening Wear. The Orchestra starts to play and immediately the audience starts to sway, hum and sing-a-long to the melodies coming from the stage.



BEYOND THE DANUBEis a spectacular show featuring a combination of superb international guest artists, musicians that are the highest acclaim in Australia, and led by The World’s Fastest Violinist in a show that will delight fans of classical and popular music of all ages.

The impressive, delightful and versatile repertoire presented includes the ever popular The Blue Danube Waltz, the edge of your seat excitement of the William Tell Overture, Highlights from Carmen, Gypsy thrills with Czardas, a surprisingly completely unique rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, plus some fabulous interpretations of Zorba, Unchained Melody, Swan Lake and the Radetzky March to name just a few.

At the front of the show is VOV DYLANa Violinist whose talents were first recognised at age of 21 months and has spent the rest of his life with Violin in hand and audience in front. He has performed throughout the world on concert stages, cabaret stages and theatres as his generation’s leading Variety Instrumental act specialising in presenting the Classics in a down to earth easily accessible manner. He has performed and presented on Radio, TV and Movie’s and as a recording artist has released 9 albums to date, with a further 2 albums due throughout 2017. He is a contract player to Fanfare Classics with global distribution of his albums via Sony Music and MGM.

VOV DYLAN’Sstrength is in being able to make the Violin sing straight to the heart while getting your foot to tap in joy of the music and leave your jaw dropped on the floor from a virtuosic display that is unmatchable from any other Violinist in the world.