This page is information for beginner Violin students and their families.


Congratulations on taking the first step of your journey with the Violin!


The beginning stages of learning how to play the Violin is some of the most important lessons you will have as the foundation for all to come is laid.


Many families when starting out with the Violin (or any instrument for that matter) want to have quality teaching, but also are budget conscious while they discover if the Violin is the right instrument to pursue.


Vov Dylan has implemented a special beginner program at both his Dolls Point and Thornleigh studio where:


  • You will be assigned an apprentice teacher (who is also an advanced student taught by Vov)
  • This teacher will be your weekly teacher as you travel through the beginning stages.
  • Vov Dylan will also personally oversee a minimum one in three lessons to ensure that all lessons are on track, and to set up the lesson plans for the coming weeks.
  • Once you progress past the beginner stages, you will then 'graduate' to have Vov as your primary weekly teacher.


The benefits of this program:

  • You will have all your lessons prepared by Vov Dylan
  • This is a budget friendly (cheaper) access to Violin Lessons with Vov while you discover if the Violin is right for you and your family
  • It introduces you to advanced students on the other side of the spectrum who have learn't with Vov for many years, and you can see and maybe even be inspired by what is possible if you pursue studies in the Vov Dylan Violin Academy.


To commence lessons:

  1. Contact Vov to organise a time at either our Dolls Point or Thornleigh Studio.
  2. Purchase a Violin and Beginner books (Vov will give you all relevant details as to how to do this upon booking)
  3. start!


Once you enrol you will be sent login details for your student portal which will give you details on your teacher, lesson schedule, and as lessons progress this will then also include repertoire lists and a practice log.


If you have any queries or would like to enrol, please contact Vov via: