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This page is information for beginner Violin students and their families.


Congratulations on taking the first step of your journey with the Violin!


The beginning stages of learning how to play the Violin is some of the most important lessons you will have as the foundation for all to come is laid.


Vov Dylan's Beginner Violin Program includes:

  • Teaching all the basics of how to hold, and play the instrument
  • Teaching how to read music
  • Extra listening homework and an introduction to the wider world of music
  • Online portal support for practice, tips, extra music.

Further to this, as the students gain confidence and skill they will be introduced and encouraged to participate in:

  • Rehearsals with a professional pianist
  • Performance opportunities
  • Exams

This is all just the start. Vov Dylan has a team of professional teachers and Industry support to help students on their journey from Beginner through to Professional Musician (and every stop in between).


To commence lessons:

  1. Contact Vov to organise a time at either our Bexley or Thornleigh Studio.
  2. Purchase a Violin and Beginner books (Vov will give you all relevant details as to how to do this upon booking)
  3. Start!


Once you enrol you will be sent login details for your student portal which will give you details on your teacher, lesson schedule, and as lessons progress this will then also include repertoire lists and a practice log.


If you have any queries or would like to enrol, please contact Vov via: