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Violin is a passion, an addiction, a lifestyle choice, a way to relax, a means to unlocking a new world, a hobby, at times a source of frustration and overarchingly it is a magical delight that is easy to dedicate a lifetime to, and still want a second lifetime to keep unlocking the wonders of the instrument.


Through the centuries of the Violin's history, there have been multitudes of schools, texts, and method approaches to teaching and playing. The consistent factor throughout, is that everyone has had a desire to master the Violin, or to find a way to teach mastering the Violin an easier process.


Currently we are going through a new era / 'revolution' of what are approaches to Violin teaching methods - and this is in embracing technology, the ability to view multiple master violinists on YouTube, have access to countless different fingerings and bowings thanks to IMSLP, as well as having access to the musings and masterclasses from teachers around the globe, teachers no longer need to be 'bound' to teaching from one school of thought. Rather, teachers now have the ability to embrace multiple approaches at one time, and cater the teaching and therefore the learning process to the student at hand.





Vov has now created his VIOLIN ACADEMY with regular training and masterclasses in areas to develop a holistic approach to Violin lessons to give students the tools to play (either professionally or for fun) in any field of music.


Vov Dylan as a Violin Teacher is focused on helping you find your musical voice through the Violin. With paying due diligence to building technique, and understanding of how to approach the Violin, Vov will help find the most direct route to achieving your Violinistic goals.


Currently Vov has students ranging in age from 5 - 80, encompassing all levels from beginner through to the professional looking for a bit of help on some of their performance and teaching techniques. Students are learning for a combination of reasons from 'just for fun' through to having a desire to become professionals in their own right.



Who is VIOLIN TEACHER Vov Dylan?


Vov Dylan is a third generation musician, and a second generation Violinist. 


First recognised for his Violin playing at age 21 months, he has spent his life with a Violin in hand building a reputation as both a teacher and a performer. 


Vov's first experience as a tecaher came whilst still in High School, where he was asked to start tutoring some orchestral workshops. Whilst studying at Sydney University, Vov quickly found employment in many of Sydney's local music schools from Sutherland throught to Rockdale, Gordon and Eastwood.


On receipt of his Honors Degree in Performance Studies from Sydney University, Vov was soon employed in an array of Sydney's elite schools including the GPS, Catholic Sector, and Selective High Schools. This was in addition to establishing his own private connection.


Through his private connections Vov has taught students through to distinction level Diplomas in the AMEB and ABRSM, guided multiple students through their HSC Music requirements and has many students who are active members of the music community from playing in orchestras to jazz bands.


Vov delights in now teaching students overseas via Skype, where in 2018 he has had his first London students acheive High Destinctions in their ABRSM exams and teaching students in Hong Kong and Belgium.


Vov is also in regular demand for workshops and masterclasses. 2018 saw Vov being invited to Japan to do masterclasses with the Fukoshima Youth Sinfonietta on Tchaikovsky and advanced playing techniques. In 2019 Vov has received an invitation to travel to Hong Kong to teach teachers and advanced students how to acheive exceptional results from their ABRSM exams. 2019 also saw Vov be invited to Ghana to help create the "Accra Youth Sinfonietta".


Vov's students have been (and are) leaders of student orchestras, recipients of awards and scholarships, high achievers in AMEB and ABRSM exams, recording artists, Jazz performers, and professional musicians.


Recently, Vov has started a journey of collaborations with celebrated Australian composers Elena Kats-Chernin, Margaret Brandman and John Martin - all of whom have also now been involved in workshops with students in presenting music for competitions and HSC performances.


In addition to Vov's ongoing teaching, he has been successfully performing across the Australia and the Globe and has released 15 studio albums to much acclaim - including being the highest selling Australian Classical artist on the 2022 ARIA charts!


If you have any queries as to your Violin journey, please contact Vov, and he will be delighted to help you in any way possible.