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Vov Dylan
International Entertainer
& Recording Artist



Vov Dylan is currently the "World's Fastest Violinist" having held the record since 24 January 2014.


Here is the story.........


"The Flight Of The Bumblebee" is often considered to be a show-off piece by instrumental performers around the world ever since it was written.


The average performer does this in a tempo where the whole piece takes a little over a minute and a half.


2007 saw Violinist David Garrett create a new Guinness World Record with performing the this piece in a 1.07 minutes.


From here, the record stayed with Garrett a while and then went to England with Oliver Lewis, then to Ben Lee who bested himself several times on the record dropping the speed down to 54 seconds.


In 2013, Vov Dylan was doing a performance at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre for the local TAFE who were setting a new Australian record for the "widest cake" which was being officiated by Helen and John Taylor from the Australian Book of Records.


At the conclusion of the 4 hour event - Vov asked the Taylor's as to how to go about setting a record - they asked the nature of the record, and as it was only short, they pulled the video camera out and said "go for it now".


At this time Vov was not aware of Ben Lee's latest speed and thought the record was sitting at 58 seconds.


Vov, unrehearsed, and slightly fatigued from a long performance went for it - and performed in 57.8 seconds - gaining what everyone thought on the moment a world record.


This however was downgraded to an Australian Record upon discovering Ben Lee's super effort.


Vov now had a point to prove, and his appetite was wet for a world record - he began to practice The Flight Of The Bumblebee purely for speed and booked the Australian Book Of Records to come to his first major show of 2014 at Lizottes in Dee Why.


At this time, Vov was performing with personal best times of 51 seconds - enough to get the record.


THEN - 3 days prior to the attempt, the Taylor's e-mail Vov to tell him of a new world record, set by  Yara Bahonar at 44.87 seconds.


This now seemed to be an impossible task - as to be meet this challenge Vov would now need to play faster than 18 notes a second AND shave over 6 seconds of his personal best all within 3 days!


With the aid of his wife Toni, Vov set about taking this challenge..........


3 days later - and several thousand run through's of the Bumblebee later - it was record time.


When Vov started, he amazed all around him including himself and performed in 39.55 seconds. A NEW world record was set.




Vov did it again - and performed in 38.10 seconds - cementing his place as the current World's Fastest Violinist!


Please note that for Vov to have gained the record, the Australian Book Of Records sent the Video to two independent experts - who ensured that all the notes were played, and nothing was 'cut'





Visit the Australian Book of Records Website to see more details


Watch Vov going for the record......





JULY 2016 UPDATE: Vov Dylan has beaten his record by a full second on Sydney rafio station 2UE on the Stuart Bocking Show.


To listen to this attempt please click this link: