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Vov Dylan
International Entertainer
& Recording Artist

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Music From The Titanic

With Vov Dylan and musicians from The Palace Orchestra

Recreating the Band, the Music and the stories from The Titanic



A BRAND NEW show celebrating the music from the Titanic with award winning, world renowned Violinist Vov Dylan and his Palace Orchestra (including 2nd Violin, Piano, Cello and Double Bass) performing the hits from Palm Court era England and Europe, plus some of the ‘new music’ of Ragtime from America.


With music taken from the White Star Line Song Book (music that was compulsory for the musicians to know) – many of which are still popular today, combined with historical (period) arrangements and paired with anecdotes of the voyage – this is a show with fabulous musicians, evergreen music and stories from a voyage that has fascinated generations!


Performed in contemporaneous uniform, the band will lead you through the songs you would have heard on board the Titanic and you will be surprised and amazed by some of the historical and unusual facts and anecdotes from that fateful “unsinkable” voyage.


Venues can add value to the show by presenting the last lunch/dinner on the menu, creating the atmosphere of the ship, alongside some of the cocktails that were served on board e.g. the “Pink Lady”.


The show includes back drops and props as well as some venue dressing.  Available with our without production. In shows where the venue doesn’t have a grand piano, the instrument will be exchanged for an additional violin.


The show can also be added to with a screening of “A Night To Remember” which is celebrating its 60th anniversary of release in 2018 – this film was made with survivors and those who worked on the Titanic, and is widely considered to be the most historically accurate film on the voyage!