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Vov Dylan
International Entertainer
& Recording Artist


Good, fun times for kids of all ages!


It?s a rare treat to find a show that appeals to all ages but the Music and Magic show does just that!


The performance sees a variety show concert with popular melodies, sing and clap a longs a display of magic, dance and laughter for all! In short - an afternoon of good, old fashioned fun for the whole family.


The concert goes for about an hour and is hosted by Vov Dylan who also fronts the Palace Orchestra. Dylan is renowned for his exceptional violin playing, having previously earned the title of ?World?s fastest violinist?, and ?Australia?s Answer to Andre Rieu?.


The concert starts off in a very upbeat way with the theme tune to ?The Muppet Show?. ?Somewhere Over the Rainbow? is then performed as a sweet and breezy instrumental to introduce all the musicians to the audience.


After this Vov encourages you to clap along to a medley that features Johann Strauss? ?The Blue Danube?, ?The Chicken (Dance)? and ?If You?re Happy & You Know It?. The group also plays The Carpenters? ?Sing? which segues off into ?Do-Re-Mi? from The Sound of Music (this latter part allows all of the audience to sing along with gusto).


It is then time for magician, Joel Howlett to do a spot. He dazzles with his tricks like making a dove appear from a bag, knotting and cutting ropes, making a napkin disappear and hiding an audience member?s $20 note in a lemon.


Joel Howlett is not the only guest star on the day, Dylan also has his 14 year old daughter Olivia do a graceful lyrical dance routine to the Mary Poppins song, ?Feed The Birds?.


The Palace Orchestra returns for some Disney classics, ?When You Wish Upon A Star?, ?The Mickey Mouse March? and ?A Spoonful of Sugar?, ?Can You Feel The Love Tonight??, and more!


The Music and Magic Variety Hour offers up some good, fun times for the whole family and is available for bookings at your club and theatre for the next school holidays!


Ask us about our special Christmas variation to the show as well where we have a guest appearance by Santa!